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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Extra kekwa pink/pink carnation

semuanya yg extra
3 size flat plate ~ 9", 8" dan 7" (BOOKED)
oval plate 14", ada stain kat tepi pinggan
3 keping saucer size berlainan tapi pattern bunga sama
mangkuk kuah
teko dgn small chip pada muncung (BOOKED)
chip pada muncung teko, kecil tapi sesuai utk display saja
yg extra2 kekwa pink di LC, mungkin ada yg perlukan, condition semuanya baik dan tiada crack atau chip kecuali yg ada diterangkan pada invidual pics. Mix mark dan ada yg tak ada mark.

1 teko dgn chip pada muncung (RM70) (BOOKED)
1 mangkuk kuah (RM15) (BOOKED)
1 OP 14" ada stain (RM55)
2 piring 9" (RM20) (BOOKED)
1 piring 8" (RM15) (BOOKED)
1 piring 7" (RM12) (BOOKED)
3 saucer (RM45) (BOOKED)

Berminat sila sms/call Wann LC di 0196183880
atau email at lcshard@yahoo.com
More items on FB: Lemari Cantque 

**please note that this is a mix of new old stock and vintage set.
Feel free to ask as many questions as possible before purchase. 
Thanks, happy viewing and shopping!

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